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Professional Guardianship

  • Guardianship is a legal process utilized when a person can no longer make or communicate safe or sound decisions about his/her person or has become susceptible to fraud or undue influence.
  • The professional guardian does not take the place of a family member, although the guardian may form an emotional bond with the person under guardianship (National Guardianship Association, 2015). 
  • The SCR Foundation will monitor and coordinate professional services needed by the vulnerable person.These coordinated and monitored services include,  residential  in- home care, home health and hospice agencies, medical visits, homemaking and personal care service, transportation, social engagements, family involvement, education ventures, job opportunities. It is the role of the Professional Guardian to assist with all tasks related to the  physical wellness of the vulnerable person. The financial wellness of the vulnerable person is performed by the Conservator. Please see below for SCR Foundation's services as Conservator. 
  •  The SCR Foundation provides the coordination of the client’s life plan which is referred to as the" Guardian Scope of Practice." The Guardian Scope of Practice incorporate the client's needs and desires, ensuring the least restrictive process for the client while providing support and opportunities for the highest quality of life. A 30 -day  plan of care is required to be submitted to the Court and an Annual Report. The 30-Day plan of care is a court requirement to convey the current status and the intent of care for the protected person by the Guardian. The Annual Report must be submitted each year describing the care tasks, healthcare decisions, residential changes, change in condition  and  medical status during that year. 
  • **** Guardianship may refer to appointment of the person and their estate in some states; However, some states appoint these roles as separate appointments but one person/entity can be appointed as both Guardian and Conservatorship.


  • Conservatorship is a legal process where an individual or entity is appointed by the Court to manage the financial affairs of a person who can no longer make or communicate safe or sound decisions about his/her person or has become susceptible to fraud or undue influence.
  • Funds and assets that belong to the person under Conservator-ship remain the property of that person. All funds are accounted for and kept separate from the Conservator's personal funds and funds of other clients.
  • A Professional Conservator is an advocate and acts on behalf of the incapacitated person only to the extent of the Court Order (NGA, 2015) For each person that a Professional Conservator serves, the Conservator will provide an accurate accounting of the client's funds and assets to the Court.
  • While the SCR Foundation respects the vulnerable person 's desires in how they wish to utilize their finances, it is the Professional Conservator's role to ensure the client's basic needs for shelter, food and safety are met first. The Conservator's primary function is to secure the client's funds and facilitate bill payment, monitor assets/investments (with counsel of investment advisor) and plan for future care services. A financial inventory is required to be filed with the Court at the following intervals: 30 days after appointment, 90 days after appointment and annually. 

Case Management

  • The SCR Foundation provides case management to individuals for whom SCR Foundation has not been appointed Guardian or Conservator. In the Case Management role, SCR Foundation provides assistance and advice to clients, their appointed Guardians, Conservators and Attorneys, with managing the client's daily life activities. 
  • Case Management Case clients are referred to the SCR Foundation from many resources ;

  1. Non-affiliated Conservators who need assistance and guidance in helping their clients with care management;
  2. Attorneys who are concerned about their client's well-being;
  3. Attorneys who are seeking assistance for their client who has been appointed a family guardian and would benefit from case management for the vulnerable adult's person's care; and
  4. Court and hospital staff who have identified a vulnerable person.

Social Security Rep Payee

SCR Foundation has been authorized from the Social Security Administration to receive client’s social security income. Our organization is held accountable for these funds and must complete an annual report with the SSA office. The SCR Foundation will consider taking this role on a case by case basis. 

Care Manager

Care Managers are direct staff of the SCR Foundation. They can be licensed clinical staff or qualified paraprofessionals. Executive Director determines the delegation of staff to client based on case complexity.

Personal Representative

  A Personal Representative is the executor or administrator for the estate of a deceased person. The SCR Foundation will agree to appointment as the Personal Representative of an estate under certain circumstances on  a case by case basis. These circumstances may include;

  • No family member is present or available to act as the Personal Representative;
  • The family dynamics of the deceased are so volatile that no one in the family can appropriately execute the duties of the Personal Representative;
  • Other circumstances are present and the Court determines it is in the best interest to appoint a third-party Personal Representative like SCR Foundation.